Pat Johnston, President, called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M. at the meeting room in The Lofts.  21 persons were in attendance. Pat welcomed everyone including two new attendees, and began with opening remarks. Members were provided with name tags this meeting so we might introduce ourselves better to each other. Our first meeting of the year got the Club off to a great start.

Henceforth our meetings will be held upstairs at the Frank Wills Memorial Hall, 405-First Street (near the RCMP building), at the usual time. Parking is behind the building and on the street. Many thanks to Smokey and Jim for facilitating the Lofts on the Bow meeting room these past few years.  Our next meeting is February 8 at the new location. Coffee may no longer be provided but members can bring their own if they’d like, the club will provide some juice and water.

Pat introduced Patrick Price, arts & culture reporter for the Cochrane Times newspaper. Patrick addressed the members. He explained he would like to do an article on the photography club and its members, possibly showing some of the members’ photos in his article and profiling club participants. He will attend next meeting and chat with members. His article would provide positive exposure for the Club and our activities.
December’s meeting was a Christmas Dinner & slide show meeting held at the Texas Gate restaurant Rockyview Hotel. While the space is limited to about 35 guests, it was agreed by those present that the Club should re-book it for this year’s Christmas event. Everyone enjoyed the food and the service as well as the camaraderie.
The January photo challenge for member photo submissions was “Long Exposure”. Photographs for Guy’s Café were also shown. February’s photo challenge is “In my cup”.

This evening’s program consisted of presentations from club members on various topics:
1. Len Cyca led off with a motivating presentation of simple but quite excellent DSLR video capture and post processing using Photoshop alone and in the example, with challenging available light. The method suited on-site candid video which often limits the equipment and setup of the videographer. The Cowboy Poet video and its production was excellent.
Scott Winter described his moon-shot photography and his process in getting clear shots, using the time-honoured “sunny Day” formula of 1/ASA shutter speed at f16, compensating for the moon by opening up one f-stop to f11. A good discussion followed, along with some of Scott’s excellent photos.

2. Pat Johnston presented an eclectic and motivating collection of favorite photographic subjects. He explained how and why he pursued these themes as well as his creative process. This is the first of the presentations where on a continuing basis we hope to get different members to present a portfolio of some of their work.

3. Bruce Smith demonstrated an “HDR effect” technique, created from one digital file instead of three or more multiple exposure images. He used the RAW files to bring out each element in his image and then merged the files to create a balanced, well exposed and detailed image that was otherwise not possible.

Overall, the presentations were well received by the members and provided topics for discussion afterwards. We hope to use this presentation-by-member format in future at some of our meetings.
Membership Questionnaire: Jo-Anne Oucharek created a questionnaire that all members are encouraged to review and fill out as they see fit: The responses will be reviewed by the club Executive and the results will be shared with everyone. The intention is to find out how we can best improve the Camera Club experience for its members. Pat will tally the results and report when we have sufficient responses. He will also be sending out a reminder to fill out the survey (for those who haven’t yet done so).

Photo Gallery—Guy’s Café: Pat asked members to keep providing photos for the gallery wall. Jo-Anne asked for clarification for new members present, Pat explained the logistics and sizes of the photos that are acceptable. Photographs may be dropped off at Pat’s office. If anyone has questions or is not sure how to present their photos, please email Pat directly for advice.

Pat basically explained Guy’s Gallery:

no particular theme – it is any photo you would like to show. In general we can handle up to 24×36” but 8×10 to 16×20” in frames are most suitable. Framed or mounted, the pictures need to be able to be hung on a hook. You can get a (pdf) ccc-labels , (word) ccc-labels to fill in or you can put your own card in the frame, you can arrange to sell them, you can add a price but generally the gallery is to showcase your work. The club has a few frames if you need to borrow one – in that case, just bring your print (8×10, 8×12 or 11×14) to the meeting and it can be put into a frame. The images are up for a month and then are returned at the next General meeting. You can drop off pictures at “Pension Strategies” (Pat’s office, behind McDonald’s in the strip mall) during office hours or bring them to a meeting.
Club photo Field Trips: Terry has arranged for two photo outings over the winter. Signup sheets were provided at the meeting, and Pat will send out a notice to everyone so that members not at the meeting are aware of it. For photo outings such as this, you are welcome to bring your spouse/partner or guests (though anyone who has not already signed a club waiver will need to sign one, even if they are not a club member). The photo outing details are:

Glenbow Ranch Sunrise: Saturday, January 21 (bad weather date of Jan 22).
Meet at Glenbow Ranch parking lot at 7:30 am (sunrise time is 8:29). This should provide time to meet, get set up, and catch the morning glow. After we have taken our photos, and explored the area, we will reconvene at Guys Café for coffee afterwards.

Winter in the Drumheller Badlands: Saturday, February 18 (bad weather date of Feb 19)
Meet at Pat’s office parking lot at 8:00 am to carpool to the Drumheller. The parking lot is at Pension Strategies Inc. (located behind the McDonalds on 5th Ave in Cochrane). We are hoping to capture images of snow on the hoodoos and any other scenic opportunities we happen upon. Car pooling can be arranged in advance, or even just at the parking lot before leaving. We are expecting to return late afternoon.

Signup sheets were provided at the meeting; Pat will be sending out notices about the trips. Anyone wishing to take part can email Pat J pd_johnston@shaw.ca or Terry W tfwebb@hotmail.com and express their interest in coming. It is important that we know if you are coming, so that we can email you if there is a change in plans or we need to use the bad weather date.

Photo magazine swap: Current photography magazines were brought in for exchange. As always, if you have magazines kicking around your house that you would like to get rid of, consider bringing them into the Camera Club meeting and sharing them with others.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm.

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