“Exposure” field trip to downtown Calgary

Seven CCC members met up near the very photogenic Peace Bridge in downtown Calgary to view a traveling photographic exhibition that has been presented in many North American cities.  It consists of large images printed on a weatherproof material, hung outside, in this case on some construction safety fencing along the Bow River pathway near Peace Bridge.

About 100 images were grouped by theme into “bodies of work”, each with a brief artist statement describing the intention of the artists.  They were varied and fascinating.  The Bridge was adorned with a dozen dancers practicing a flash mob routine. 005[1337]From there we drove to Framed on Fifth to view black and white photographs of our own local world, so good they transformed our well-known venues and vistas into world-class images, thank you, Olivier du Tre for your fine work.006[1338] We moved on to view some absolutely stunning photographic exhibits in three galleries on 11th Avenue:  Debra Herringer was our gracious host at Herringer-Kiss Gallery, Paul Kuhn showed us many Burtynsky images (one worth $47,000, another $26,000!!).  He too was very cordial and generous with his time.  NewZone had the funkiest photos ever!

Buy this time it was lunch break.  Don Campbell suggested the Danish Canadian club, across the street, and we had terrific and very reasonably priced lunches and a visit.

Finally we viewed a photographic exhibition that was in a show home in Edgemont:  again, prairie pictures that reminded all of us how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful and photogenic part of the world—also so very well photographed that we are all going to try a bit harder next time we grab our camera bags and head out into the field!

We were done by mid-afternoon.  Everyone was quite taken with what we saw.  Another very successful photo outing, thanks to everyone that organized it and took part!


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