Cochrane Camera Club Photo Outing: Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

The outing in March started with a visit to the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary, located 10 minutes west of Cochrane on the 1A. It is a fabulous place for photographers at any time of the year. The group arrived at 10 and we were greeted by the howls of the packs saying, “good morning”. Amazing!!

The Sanctuary is home to 23 wolfdogs, 10 of which are involved in the ambassador program. Several CCC members met the Engadine pack during the Intro Tour at the Sanctuary. Grizz, Quinn, and Aspen, littermates brought the Sanctuary in the summer of 2016, are high content wolfdogs.

The tour provided insight into wolfdogs, why the sanctuary was created and an opportunity to photograph these beautiful animals up close! As you can see by the photos, the CCC members captured many of the packs as we wondered around the Sanctuary. We all decided that the adventure was well worth the trip!

After the tour, several members had lunch in the parking lot before heading out in search of great grey owls. We headed west to come in the back way from the Forestry Trunk Road as members have seen sightings in the Wild Cat Hills area. We didn’t see any owls, but we did capture a bald eagle, who treated us to a photo op as it flew to several fence posts before heading off into the hills.

Grand Valley Road is one of the prime locations for spotting owls as the terrain is dense forests with open fields nearby for hunting. We were lucky to find one perched in a tree overlooking a field watching and listening for prey. Unfortunately, the last car stopped to photograph horses and didn’t get a chance to see the owl before it headed off into the woods.

This winter, we had record amounts of snow. While trying to get to a better vantage point of the great grey, I climbed up the snow bank and ended up being one of the photos captured that day, thanks to Suzane!! Great fun, lots of laughs and a day filled with memories.

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