Calgary Bridges Outing

Friday evening, April 20th – Calgary Bridges Tour

Our photo challenge for the May meeting was Bridges. Ten of our members met at Denny’s for supper prior to the outing.

We first went to the Peace Bridge where we managed to get some sunset photos along with the last of the snow and ice. Unexpectedly, we were able to capture some wildlife shots as well with a couple of beavers swimming around the shoreline (ambitiously thinking about damming the Bow?).

From there we moved on to the Center Street Bridge where we were able to capture several angles just as the lights were turned on for the evening. We had a delightful extra meet up with a group that was planning to do some steel wool photography where they ignite steel woo; and twirl it around. It was fascinating to see, and photograph, and they invited us to stick around and take some photos of them.

We then moved on to the George C. King pedestrian bridge crossing the Bow in the east village. We were able to get several photos in the dark there with it’s unique shape and reflections in the water. Finally, we crossed to the north side of the Bow and captured some elevated views of the Center street bridge and the downtown skyline before heading home around 11pm.

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