Reader Rock Gardens outing

Reader Rock Garden is a hidden gem near the Stampede grounds of Calgary, and a tribute to William Roland Reader, the Superintendent for Calgary Parks, Cemeteries and Recreation from 1913 to 1942.   Once a wind-swept hillside, he transformed it into an internationally acclaimed garden.  Given National Historic Designation by the Government of Canada this year, and known as a Provincial Historic Resource, it’s a beautiful legacy park well worthy of a visit.  Read more here:

Photo by Suzan McEvoy
Photo by Suzan McEvoy

Four Cochrane Camera Club members met up one steamy Sunday morning in late June to wander and snap.  Don, Bruce, Ingrid and Suzan spent a lovely, if hot, couple of hours roaming and shooting as they pleased.   The previous day’s torrential downpour had cleaned off dust and brightened colours.  Little pockets of colour emerged everywhere. If anyone tells you planting under spruce trees is impossible,  direct them here and advise them to think again.  From delicate Gas plant flowers to showy enormous Oriental Poppy heads, the garden is a photographer’s dream from spring to fall.  

Photo by Suzan McEvoy
Photo by Suzan McEvoy

They also have one of the best floral identification websites I’ve used!


Experienced Traveller’s Tip – if heading there in late May, throughout mid-July, bug spray is a must.  Proximity to the elbow river makes this prime mosquito habitat! 

Photo by Suzan McEvoy
Photo by Suzan McEvoy

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