Sheep River Falls Outing

Sunday, May 27 – Sheep River Falls Provincial Park

On Sunday, May 27, 12 of us headed down to Sheep River Falls, located about 35km west of Turner Valley along the Sheep River.  We left our usual muster point in Cochrane about 8:45 am, and took a winding backroad route down to the Sheep River Falls, winding our way through Bragg Creek, south on  Highway 762, then some dusty gravel roads (rather than simply taking highway 22 to Turner Valley).  The weather was clear and bright.

We first met at the Sheep River Falls, the first time several of the members had been there.  The water was flowing quite strongly with spring runoff and some of the wildflowers were just starting to appear.  We got several different angles of the waterfalls, with some members trying out the technique of using a neutral density filter and really slowing down the shutter speed to smooth out the water.



After a couple hours of shooting, we had a picnic lunch, and then members started heading back to Cochrane, making their own way to view some of the other areas of the park on their way home.

It was the first visit to the falls for several of our members, and provided them with a good idea of what to go back to see in the summer when the wildflowers are in much greater abundance, and in the autumn with the fall colours.






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