Kananaskis outing

Cochrane Camera Club photo outing to Upper Kananaskis Lake and area:

Fall weather is unsettled, to be kind—unpredictable! Our eleven club member plus a visitor from Britain were undaunted and were rewarded with dramatic fall colors accented by atmospheric conditions that ranged from snow to fog and mist to cloud banks, all surrounding the majestic Front Ranges of the Rockies in Kananaskis country.

We assembled and sorted out the carpooling in the McDonald’s parking lot in Cochrane at 8 am, and convoyed to the Sibbald Creek road off the TransCanada to take the back way into K Country. As before, some of us had been there before and knew of photogenic places and others were discovering new sites, all in our own backyard!

This unpaved highway yielded more places to shoot than expected. We were a bit later on getting to Mt. Lorette pond and Wedge Pond in K Country, but it worked out well because the mists of the morning were nicely lifting and we could bet some middle and distant photographs of the mountains as well as the fall foliage. Lunch was a simple affair in the vehicles since the picnic tables all had white, crunchy tablecloths courtesy of early winter snows.


Driving up to the Upper Kananaskis Lake, we spotted several willow meadows that were a riot of autumn colors next to dark green pine forests, and in the distance the ever-present Rockies. Very dramatic images—but we saved those for the drive out.

At the lake, a squall was coming through. Our hopes of hiking the 1400m to the waterfall were splashed and after catching some high-energy weather-on –mountains images of the storm coming down the lake, we thought it best to try for the fall colors back down the road.

It was amusing: We all stopped and spread out to photograph the willow meadows, which other passers-by noticed—and also stopped! Soon there were several dozen people of all kinds photographing the splendor of fall in K Country!

The weather was not a blue sky day but the venues were still there. As with every CCC photo outing, a part of our reason for going is to show members unfamiliar with the area places to get great photos—many of these sites are 4-season treasures for returning and slowing down and getting those shots. In keeping with this idea, some of us returned via the Smith-Dorrien Road to Canmore instead of taking the pavement out. We noted a few great spots to return to.

After 4 pm we all said our good-bye’s in the parking lot and headed home to see what we had captured. Some of the pictures are posted here, but not all!

Thanks to everyone who set up the trip. We look forward to going to the Big Rock south of Okotoks for a challenging shoot, plus the famous Leighton Centre art enue which is set in some of the most spectacular Foothills scenery anywhere, next month! Hope to see you there!

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