Banff Park outing


Can you believe how cold it’s been?? Undaunted, Wendi led Dennis, Michael, Bruce and Tom on a photo shoot to Vermillion Lakes and sunrise over Mt. Rundle followed by a trek down Johnson Canyon to view the ice falls. We were ready to brave the Elements of a record cold winter, mid-week, to try capture the Winter Wonderland of Canada’s national treasure, Banff Park.

We left the parking lot in Cochrane at 5:15 a.m. to be sure we caught the first rays of sunshine over Vermillion Lakes. Our only company there was three ducks enjoying the open water. We set up in nippy -24C weather and waited on sunrise: it was pretty enough, but the best was yet to come…

An Alberta Blue Sky is like no other. Perhaps a few puffy white clouds to reflect dawn’s first rays over Rundle would have been appreciated, but the periwinkle blue sky was stunning in Johnson’s Canyon. We trekked in with steel ice cleats on our boots down the frozen creek path to photograph the lower and upper falls. Ice Climbers added interest to the curtains of ice hanging on the cliffs by the falls. The bright blue skies and the intricate ice formations went together to create stunning photographs.

By this time it had warmed up to minus mid-minus teens — and we were all acclimatized. We decided to stop by Castle Mountain for some classic photos across the Bow River, on the way back. The skies were cloudless and terrifically clear, the snowy mountains and valleys were quite photogenic.

On our way home, we pulled in to Canmore for a late soup and sandwich lunch at a place Wendi knew . We all came back with some great winter scenes. Johnson Canyon gets one million (!!) visitors a year—it is very popular and often overcrowded, but a mid-week visit in winter reduced the crowds considerably, giving us time and space to get some classic photographs. Thank you Wendi, for setting it all up!

…Our next outing will be to Rowley, Alberta—a very photogenic Alberta prairie town Lost in Time and antiquity. That’s Saturday, March 23rd! Hope you can make it!

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