Golden Eagle Migration Outing

The club’s outing for Oct, 19 was to view and if possible capture a few images of the Golden Eagles on their migration path through the Kananaski valley.
We started the day off by driving along the Sibbald Creek road towards Highway 40. We stopped at the Sibbald Creek lookout and then travelled to Sibbald Lake to photograph some awesome reflections. We found a pond that had a thin layer of ice so we decided to experiment with throwing some stones along the ice and were amazed at the sounds that we created…it was almost like composing a beautiful.
Then we found some larger stone and experimented with rapid fire shots…It was so entertaining…plus an awesome learning opportunity for all.

We made several stops along the way to capture the beautiful landscapes, mountain streams and ponds. One stop was at Lorette Ponds, where we were able to capture more beautiful reflection images.

We arrived at the parking lot to Troll Falls and made our way to the migration lookout. There were several eagles that flew by, but unless you had a spotting scope it was impossible to see them. The eagles stay at the very tops of the mountains and use the wind currents to carry them southward. We learned a great deal about the eagles from the volunteers there.
The group decided to walk up to Troll Falls and we all had the opportunity to practice our skills with running water.
We ended our day with having a late lunch at the Kananaskis Village, with many laughs around the table as we reminisced about our day.

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