Suzan McEvoy

Suzan McEvoy’s passion for photographing live events began when she captured World Skills 2009 from inception to stage performance, carried on through a 4-year partnership with Globalfest Calgary, and continues today.  She is now a sought-after award winning event photographer who can capture everything from intimate cocktail parties to multi-day conferences.

Suzan joined the Cochrane Camera Club to further her hobby side – because what is free time without a camera in hand?!  Whilst she’ll never be an avid birder (laying in a swampy ditch for hours on end to get the ‘perfect’ shot), the club has opened her eyes to plenty of new tips and techniques with some great presenters, all of which fuel her passion for imagery.

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You can experience more of Suzan’s scenic images at:

Or check out some of the Client Galleries:



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