Grassi Lakes/Smith-Dorrien Trail Outing

We had a fantastic outing in June! Our day started with a hike up to Grassi Lakes in Canmore.  We hiked up the waterfall side…stopping and taking pictures of the waterfalls and the flowers along the way.

(photos from Pat, Bruce, Rick, Dennis(2), Tom and Jo-Anne)

The lakes are amazing…so clear and fantastic reflections when it is calm…

(photos by Bruce, Pat and Tom(2), Bruce)

After the hike we started up the Smith Dorrien Trail…used as the “backdoor” access to Peter Lougheed provincial park and Spray Lakes.  Before we left the Grassi area, we came across a Big Horn Sheep Ewe and her lamb.  The pair were on the cliff side of the road at the start.  The Ewe jumped the fence, but the lamb couldn’t make it.  She came back and coaxed the little one to follow…it finally found it’s way, bounding across the rock face to get back with mom.

(photos by Tom, Jo-Anne, Keith, Pat, Keith, Bruce, Jo-Anne)

There are many places to photograph the amazing landscape along the Trail.  We stopped just past Driftwood to photograph Spray Lake. There was lots of great stuff to check out!

(photos by Dennis, Keith (5) and Jo-Anne)

Another stop was the Engadine Meadow…

(photos by Keith, Jo-Anne(4), Tom, Bruce, Rick)

We stopped for a picnic lunch at the Peninsula, which is the north end of Lower Kananaskis Lake…Peninsula Lower Kan lake pano                                                            (photo by Jo-Anne)

We decided as a group to head up to the Highwood Pass, since the gates were just opened on the 15th.  We were glad we did…we saw this grizzly enjoying the dandelions…

(photos by Rick(2), Dennis (2), Bruce, Keith)

The Highwood Pass, the highest point in Canada that can be reached by a paved highway is another amazing place to photograph…

(photos by Keith & Joan, Pat and Jo-Anne)

And a few more highlights shared from the outing…

(photos by Keith, Joan (3), Tom and Bruce)

Another great adventure captured by the members of the Cochrane Camera Club!!

Blog and outing coordinator, Jo-Anne Oucharek – Nature/Wildlife Photographer

Featured photo by Pat

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